Welcome to ‘Ghanada Gallery’

Graphics from Premendra Mitra’s grand Ghanada tales

72 Banamali Naskar Lane.

Visitors to Kolkata are not likely to locate the quaint boarding house at this address.
Or its legendary lodger Ghanada aka Ghanashyam Das aka Dos.
Or even the original sketches adorning Ghanada’s anecdotes (1945 – 1987).

Ghanada Gallery is an attempt to exhibit glimpses of the graphic gems we’ve unearthed.


Ghanashyam Das’ may well stand for:

Globe-Hopper. Adventurer. Naturalist. Avenger. Scientific. Humanist. Yarner. Athlete. Mythologist. 
Dialect-Authority. Saviour.

In short you owe your existence to Ghanada. None other.


Dedicated to the awesome age of innovative Bengali illustrators and tale-tellers.